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NCL Activities

Cruise ships offer a myriad of activities that keep you entertained. Whether onboard or on land your days can be spent spoiled in luxurious relaxation, enjoying fun filled activities or exciting adventures or celebrating a momentous occasion.

Here are just some of the options that are offered on board an NCL cruise.

  1. A Day at the Spa: You work hard; you deserve a break every now and then. Norwegian Cruise Line spas offer all traditional spa services and more. You can enjoy a massage, full body wrap, acupuncture session, aromatic experience or professional Botox treatment and leave all your worries behind. Spa Suites are now offered on the Norwegian Epic and include exclusive complimentary access to the Thermal Suites where you’ll find heated tile lounge chairs, saunas, hydrotherapy pool, whirlpools and steam rooms as well as many other amenities.
  2. Get Hitched: What could be more romantic than a marriage at sea? Forget Vegas, you can personalize every detail of your wedding day on an NCL cruise. From wedding cakes to the marriage certificate, all your dreams will be fulfilled. You can even use the on-board photography service to document every second of your special day.
  3. Golf Adventures: Tee it up on a Norwegian Cruise Line and get access to courses from Hawaii to Bermuda and beyond. Trained golf professionals help you improve your game and guided tours provide behind-the-scenes access to some of the most respected courses in the world. You can rent the finest equipment from Nike and enjoy a golf experience you're sure to remember forever.
  4. Nickelodeon at Sea Norwegian Cruise Line offers family-friendly cruise activities of all types, including games and sing-a-longs featuring Nickelodeon's biggest stars! Party with Spongebob Squarepants, play Nick Live poolside or sing and dance with Dora the Explorer. Your children enjoy them every day on television and the opportunity to meet Nickelodeon’s cast of characters in person will take their cruise experience to the next level.
  5. Hit The Casino: Party like a rock star in Norwegian Cruise Line’s famous casinos. This Vegas-like excitement will be just the rush you need to get through another winter or a tough meeting with the boss. Games include slots, table games of all types and even full-tilt poker. Join the Casino Players Club for special rewards like free spa treatments and complimentary cruises and you too can feel like a high roller.

From fun with the family poolside to a night with that special someone in the casino, Norwegian Cruise Line cruises offer many unexpected entertainment options. So bring the family, some good luck and your best smile aboard and prepare to have a great time.

World Cruise

There is nothing as life-changing as traveling the world and the adventures that await you on a world cruise are nothing short of spectacular. Imagine awakening each day ready to explore legendary cities, the history of ancient civilizations and the world’s many diverse and exotic cultures. Sailing on a world cruise offers all of this and so much more.

An incredible experience awaits you. Visit the world's seven continents in comfort and luxury. Explore South America from the Amazon to the Andes. Visit the mysterious Easter Island. Discover South Africa's diverse landscape and cultures. Marvel at Egypt's ancient wonders and glorious past. Journey to exotic India and experience the enchantment of Asia and the Pacific. Let the treasures of the Mediterranean take you back in time. The extraordinary itineraries of a world cruise offer even the most experienced traveler new adventures and life changing experiences which will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Life on board a world cruise provides a home away from home. Luxurious accommodations, world class service, gourmet dining and an ever-changing horizon welcome you. While at sea simply relax or take advantage of the many on board enrichment programs that are offered. Learn a new language. Master a new computer program. Participate in culinary classes and learn about local wines from celebrated chefs and sommeliers. Make new friends and form a unique bond with fellow travelers who share your passion for travel. What better way to explore legendary lands than on a world cruise?

World cruise itineraries are diverse and unique and designed to provide an enriching experience. Many offer overnight stays in several ports to provide a complete cultural and historical understanding of the destination. Complete world cruise itineraries range from 90 to 145 days and are offered on Crystal Cruises, Cunard, Holland America Line, Seabourn, and Silversea. If time does not allow you to experience a complete world cruise you can still choose from shorter segments to explore the world.

A world cruise is an adventure that will take you to the far reaches of the planet. Discover the world like never before. Be mesmerized by stunning landscapes and encounter exotic and diverse cultures. Embark on a unique journey and experience the dream vacation that you never thought possible.

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