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Adventures by Disney

On an Adventures by Disney trip you're a traveler and an adventurer, not a tourist. You and your family become active participants in incredible stories, experiences and cultures through immersive activities only Disney can bring you. Wherever you go and whatever you do - whether it's trying your hand at the age-old Greek traditions of cheese making or biking around the grounds of a historic French chateau - your Adventure Guides are there to share their knowledge, insights and passion for the places you visit. From the moment you first meet your Adventure Guides, you know that you're in good hands. As the hosts of your trip, your Guides make you feel right at home - wherever you go. But more than the personal attention they provide, you'll appreciate your Guides' ability to bring you closer to the destinations you visit with their knowledge and knack for storytelling.

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 Adventures by Disney Destinations
Asia and Australia
Australia: Discovery Down Under
Asia: Cambodia, Vietnam & Laos
Enchanted China

Egypt: Pyramids, Pharaohs & Ancient Treasures
South Africa: Safari in South Africa

Central and South America
Costa Rica Coast to Coast
Ecuador and Galapagos Islands
Ecuador: Amazon and the Galapagos Islands
Peru: Sacred Valley, Machu Pichu and Incan Cities

Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic
England and France: Cities of Knights & Lights
France: Esprit de France
Germany: Once Upon a Fairytale
Greek Odyssey
Ireland: The Emerald Isle
Italy and Switzerland: Alpine Magic
Italy: Viva Italia
Norway: Following in the Footsteps of the Film Frozen
Scotland: A Brave Adventure
7 & 12 Night Magical Baltic Cruises
5 & 7 Night Mediterranean Magic with Disney Cruise Line

North America
Alaska: Taming the Last Frontier
Arizona and Utah: Cowboys and Canyons
Montana and Alberta, Canada: Roaming the Rockies
New York City Long Weekend
San Francisco Long Weekend
Southern California: Backstage Magic
Southern California: Avengers
Southern California: Star Wars
Wyoming: Quest for the West
Wyoming - Winter Wonderland
 Experience the Disney Difference
• Authentic experiences
• Private events and privately guided tours.
• Backstage access, bypassing lines at popular museums & attractions.
• Special entertainment and performances.
• Special surprises and gifts throughout your trip!
• Tickets and admission to events and special attractions.
• Special programs with the local community.
• Meals featuring local cuisine and added entertainment.
• Magical Moments that only Disney could create!
Contact one of our Disney Vacation Planners
to book any Adventures by Disney vacations.
 Unique Experiences
• In Italy see how to press olive oil, make mozzarella cheese and harvest fruit at Agriturismo La Galatea Farm in Sorrento. Afterwards, enjoy a private pizza-making session with the chefs.

• In Scotland enjoy a morning ride on Highland ponies near Rothiemurchus Estate

• In Venice meet a renowned mask-maker who showcases his dazzling disguises for Carnivale in an exclusive event. Then, construct a masquerade masterpiece of your own!

• In South Africa take a true adventure on a 3-Day Safari at the Kapama Game Reserve in search of the Big 5: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and cape buffalos.

• In China on a privately guided visit, observe a variety of delightful pandas in an unforgettable visit to China's premier institution, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, devoted to the preservation of these rare animals.

• In Angkor Wat embark on an unforgettable elephant ride as you visit the beautiful temples of this famous archeological site.

• In Wyoming learn the art of "mushing" against a backdrop of powdery white snow as a team of enthusiastic sled dog guides you through the Wyoming Wilderness.

• In California: Not open to the public, The Jim Henson Company was built in 1917 by Charlie Chaplin. An historic icon, visit this charming studio featured prominently in the Walt Disney Pictures movie, The Muppets (2011).

• In Costa Rica zip line through the treetops and soar across the sky above the rainforest canopy of Arenal National Park.

These are just a few of the unique experiences that you will enjoy when you travel with Adventures by Disney. Each trip features special activities that let your family experience the local cultures first hand and create incredible memories that will last forever.

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