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Amazon River Cruises

About Amazon River Cruises

Amazon River Cruises offer an incredible journey. The mighty Amazon River is the second largest river in the world and has the largest drainage basin in the world. In places it is more than 30 miles wide and stretches through seven South American countries. Amazon River Cruises let you explore a truly unique destination. The Amazon River is home to the entire Amazon rainforest ecosystem. As you cruise down the Amazon you can explore the jungles, exotic wildlife and other natural wonders along its shores and beyond. The many villages and towns offer insights into the customs and traditions of the many different indigenous tribes that inhabit the Amazon River basin and surrounding areas.
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Amazon river cruises offer a variety of itineraries. Some of the larger ships cruise into Amazon as far as Manaus. Smaller vessels and expedition ships are able to navigate further down the river into the Upper Amazon region. Whichever cruise itinerary you choose your experience will be filled with adventure. Many of the excursions offered onboard include taking scenic riverboat cruises or canoes onto the smaller Amazon tributaries.

Amazon river cruises range from 9 to 74 days with the many itineraries included as part of longer multi-destinational cruises. Many of the smaller, expedition style vessels feature experienced naturalists on board to provide a unique and personal cruise experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Call now or book online to receive exclusive rates and special offers on your next Amazon cruise.

Featured Amazon Cruises

Amazon Cruise
Holland America Line
Amazon Cruise
ms Maasdam
Fr $4,429
26 Days
Amazon Cruise Vacation
Holland America Line
Amazon Cruise
ms Prinsendam
Fr $4,919
28 Days
Cruising  the Amazon
Oceania Cruises
Amazon Cruise
Oceania Regatta
Fr $5,049
21 Days
Amazon Cruises
Amazon Cruise
M/V Aria
Fr $5,599
10 Days
Cruise on the Amazon
Amazon Cruise
Silver Whisper
Fr $7,750
17 Days

Amazon Cruise Highlights

Amazon Rainforest
The Amazon Rainforest
And River Basin

The Amazon River basin covers about 40% of South America and stretches from the Atlantic Ocean o the Andes Mountains. The terrain changes from its origins in the Andes Mountains through the world’s largest rainforest before ending in the flood plains of Brazil. The Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s greatest natural resources and is one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. An Amazon cruise will show travelers about its importance to the region and to the world.
Amazon Exotic Wildlife
Exotic Wildlife
The Amazon River basin is home to a unique ecosystem which is filled with a variety of diverse wildlife including over 500 species of birds, red howler monkeys, three toed sloths, manatees, crocodile-like caimans and rare pink Amazon River dolphins. The Amazon boasts over 5,600 species of fish including bull sharks, piranhas and electric eels.
Amazon Birders Paradise
Birder’s Paradise
A cruise on the Amazon is a showcase of nature at its best. The more than 1,500 bird species of the Amazon region are colorful, vibrant and varied and include different types of macaws, parrots, toucans, ibis, owls, eagles and kingbirds and many other rainforest birds.
Amazon Native People
Native People
The Amazon rainforest has been home for numerous indigenous people for thousands of years. These tribes have different traditions, cultures and languages. While their existence has changed many of their practices remain the same as they have for generations. They continue to practice sustainable hunting, fishing and farming as their ancestors have done for centuries. Taking an Amazon cruise will provide unique insights into their different histories and cultures.
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