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Program Benefits
First of all, try and get the kids involved early. Being on board the ship the first night or two is so exciting (and so overwhelming) that parents sometimes hesitate to put the kids immediately into the programs: big mistake. Dropping them off on day three of the cruise is sort of like making them the new kids in school - friendships have already formed among the 'regulars' who are savvy to the system. Better to jump right in the first night.

Secondly, don't overuse the programs. If you leave the kids in the programs for six straight hours, that's just too much. There are many activities both on board and in the ports of call which are designed for the whole family to enjoy together. Use the children's programming when you most need it, i.e., if the parents and older kids are set to snorkel at one of the ports of call, children's programming allows younger children to stay behind on the ship. Or if you've scheduled a special parents' night out at the adults-only restaurant, Palo, let the kids eat with the gang in the Oceaneer Lab or Club.

Finally, check your activity sheet each day to make sure the kids are there for the primo activities. Kids even enjoy spending some time in the program on the island of Castaway Cay, where the Oceaneer's Club has a large sandy play area set up complete with a whale skeleton just waiting to be excavated by young marine biologists. You can leave them happily digging under the counselors' attention and slip away for an hour or two at the private adults' beach, Serenity Bay.

Age Categories
Children under 3 stay at Flounder's Reef, which is a nursery designed for babies and toddlers with plenty of cribs and a 'soft' play area. There is a fee (per hour per child) for Flounder's Reef, which is only open for certain hours a day--although those hours do correspond to the time when parents most need sitting, i.e., the hours they might be off the ship enjoying shore excursions or the evening, when they may want to relax over dinner or take in a show without the youngest members of the family along. You need to make reservations for Flounder's Reef and it's a good idea to make them early in your cruise, because space is limited.

Kids 3-7 belong in Disney's Oceaneers Club, a terrific play area that has a model of Peter Pan's pirate ship and costumes for dressing up, plus computer stations. Little ones have special games and activities, many of which involve the Disney characters, such as storytelling with Wendy Darling. A special daily activities sheet keeps parents informed on fun programs that are coming up, both in the Club and all around the ship.

Kids 8-12 are across the hall in the Oceaneer's Lab, which has interactive labs, video games, computers, and music and movie stations. Activities can be as wild as a belly-flop contest out in the Goofy sports pool or as mentally stimulating as a class in how to draw one of the Disney characters. If your kids are 12 or under, you're given a pager when you drop them off at any of the centers so you can always be reached quickly if a problem arises.

Teens 13-17 have their own coffeehouse, called Common Grounds, which has a lounge and coffee bar, large screen TV, and game area. Special shore excursions let teens bike and kayak all over Castaway Cay, Disney's private island, or party on a catamaran in Cozumel. On board they can learn how paint an animation cel, take part in a mystery game where they 'eliminate' fellow players, or shoot their own digital movies. Teens have a lot more autonomy--there's no sign-in or sign-out process, and they love the freedom to come and go as they please.

Activities for Kids Ages 3-7
Only Disney can take little cruisers on a daily voyage to a world devoted to fun and fantasy. Disney's Oceaneer Club offers age-specific activities guaranteed to transport young minds to the edge of their imagination. Guided along the way by Disney counselors and, as an added convenience, parents are given pagers so families are always in touch.

Children train to be Mouseketeers, practice marching, match up Disney Friends, watch a video clip of 1950's Mouseketeer show opening. MICKEY MOUSE comes to inspect his new Mouseketeers and lead them in a march to the Lab.

An adventure with clues to help find TINK's hiding place. Hopefully she will make a very magical appearance.

Help celebrate everbody's birthday in Never Land, but watch out for Captain Hook who wants to break up the party.

There's a pirate on board! Never fear, he's only on hand to tell children adventurous stories tracing the history of buccaneers through time. CAPTAIN HOOK may even stop by to visit his old friend.

Young scientists will discover things you can do with one household egg. Things that you would never thought was possible.

Young scientists join Professor Goo to explore a squishy green substance that looks like 'Flubber!' Don't miss the fun!

Only Disney can take little cruisers on a daily voyage to a world devoted to fun and fantasy. Disney's Oceaneer Lab offers age-specific activities guaranteed to transport young minds to the edge of their imagination. Guided along the way by Disney counselors and, as an added convenience, parents are given pagers so families are always in touch.

In this workshop, our apprentices will encounter solid liquids and make their own batch of 'Flubber-like Goo!'

The secrets of Disney animation are unlocked as you learn to draw our 'favorite fowl' using classic animation tools.

You get the chance to be part of the talented cast of producers, directors, and stars in our TV spots. The results are hilarious!

Things are not always as they seem - using the magic of science to conjure up some goo with us!

Kids learn animators' secrets as they draw one of our Disney characters, GOOFY!

Rookie news teams produce a newscast that's filled with up-to-the-minute fun! Don't watch the news - make it!

It's the ultimate place to hang. A New York-style coffee house complete with music, games and large-screen TV, even an Internet Cafe. It's Common Grounds, a place for teens ages 13 to 17 to meet on their own terms.

We light the night with our Glow Jam! Use a glowing array of sports equipment or just hang out and listen to music. These sports are as much fun to watch, as they are to play!

Future rock stars - join us in Studio Sea for the audition of your life and showcase your talents.

Don't miss the farewell party. Enjoy dancing, pool games, Float Ball, pass the Orange, enter the Cannonball Contest, win at Ping Pong and Shuffleboard. Use your DJ training.

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