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Costa Special Needs Information

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Passengers who have a physical or mental disability or any medical condition that may require treatment or special accommodations during the cruise must report same to CCL IN WRITING AT THE TIME RESERVATION IS MADE. This information will be forwarded by CCL to the ship’s doctor for review

Failure to provide such information prior to sailing may require Costa Crociere to cancel your reservation, assessing any applicable cancellation penalties if sufficient time is NOT provided to make an adequate assessment of the medical condition or any special accommodations or other requirements necessitated by such disability or condition.

Costa Crociere reserves the right to revoke or refuse passage to anyone who may, in the sole judgment of the ship’s doctor, require treatment, care or accommodations beyond that which the ship’s facilities can reasonably or readily provide, or whose mental or physical condition may make them unsuitable for or incapable of a cruise voyage due to the limited facilities onboard or may create an unreasonable risk of injury or harm to the passenger or others.

An infirmary, staffed by a physician and nurse, is available during certain hours. The doctor is authorized to make customary charges when treating passengers.

Costa Crociere and its authorized representatives shall assume no responsibility whatsoever, nor be liable for any consequence arising from the failure of the passenger and/or the travel agent to provide such information. By accepting a passenger with a physical or mental condition or disability, Costa Crociere assumes no liability for such passenger beyond that assumed for any other passenger as provided in this brochure and the Passage Ticket Contract. All passengers are subject to all the limitations and terms and conditions set forth in the Passage Ticket Contract.

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