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Churches, Clubs and Association Group Cruises

A cruise is a great way to pull together members of a particular group. A group cruise offers great value and flexible options and allows members to have free time on their own as well as to participate in the group activities that are set up. Many types of groups can arrange a group cruise as simple get together, as a fundraiser, or as an annual group meeting. Groups come in all shapes and sizes and may include any of the following:

  • Church Groups
  • Dance & Fitness Groups
  • School Reunions and Alumni Groups
  • Country Club Groups
  • Music Groups
  • Sports Groups
  • Hobby Groups
  • Professional Associations
  • Community Groups
  • Non-Profit Groups
  • Senior Groups
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties

Membership in a group can be very diverse and a cruise can cater to the need of each of a group’s members. From a variety of accommodations, dining options and activities group cruises can be structured in a way that best suits the group. Also, since a cruise includes all accommodations and onboard meals keeping the finances straight becomes much simpler.

Flexible Stateroom Accommodations

Groups can select their cabin accommodations in advance to ensure that everyone can get the type of stateroom that they prefer. Cabins range from interior staterooms to luxurious suites which guests can choose according to their preferences and budget. A group organizer may choose to limit the cabin types to keep things simple or select a wide range of cabins to be included in their group. Both the types and location of the staterooms can be chosen in advance so that there are no surprises.

Onboard Group Activities

Groups can plan their time onboard to be as busy or free as they wish. Meeting rooms can be reserved for presentations, awards ceremonies or other events. Depending on the size of the group, information desks can be set up in a central location during specific times and can be manned by some of the group members. In addition to the wide variety of onboard entertainment groups can also arrange for cocktail parties and other exclusive as a group option.

Dining Options

Group dining can be arranged in a variety of ways and may vary according to the cruise line and the size of the group. Some groups prefer to have set dining as a group for each night during the cruise or allow their guests to select their own dining options.

Onshore Activities

Once onshore a variety of excursion options exist. Individual group members can go off on their own or book individual excursions. A group can also reserve custom tours that are exclusive to their group. These can range from simple sightseeing tours to elaborate events in unique venues.

For affinity groups of all types a cruise offers great value, convenience and a host of group activities to bring the group together. Whether the group is local or has national or even international members a cruise offers many options including the length of the cruise, departure ports, destinations and different ship experiences. Let one of our group experts help you to determine which cruise would best suit your group.

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