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Hear what our affiliates have to say about us

Our goal as a host agency is to provide our affiliate agents with the highest level of personal service, the best value and the most advanced technology in the industry. In the end the most important goal for us is to have satisfied customers. Hear what our affiliates have to say about our program.

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I just want to drop a note and say THANK YOU! Over the last 8+ years CruiseDealership was able to grow both our top line and bottom line by streamlining our operations utilizing Cruise.com's affiliation program. Especially want to thank Karyn Todd & Kathy Samaroo for years of great agency support.

- Tom Desimone, Affiliate Agent since 2005

I have been an affiliate of cruise.com for over 10 years. The back office support is outstanding. They make me feel like I am the only affiliate they are working with. The commission structure is fair and paid in a timely manner. They offer several webinars and if you miss one, you can catch it another time. I would not hesitate to recommend cruise.com to someone looking to work independently but have a company behind them that is there to assist.

- Olicia Karpeles, Affiliate Agent since 2003

When I decided to become a home based agent I researched everything available, and continue to look at options annually at renewal time. My firm choice for the best company to affiliate with, since 2002 has been, and remains Cruise.com. The office support is there when I need it, the parent company is progressive in their technology, and commissions are fair. Thank you to everyone in the affiliate office for your help and guidance over the last 12 years :)!

- Karen Richins, Affiliate Agent since 2001

Praise Cruise.com and the wonderful relationship I have had for over 10 years! This at home agent is never at home, and I can keep quoting, selling, and servicing my clientele with great back up support. I sell and service wherever in the world I am without stress. Thank you Cruise.com!

- Mitchell Mart, Affiliate Agent since 2003

I joined Cruise.com about four years ago when an agency that I was with for 10 years filed bankruptcy. Initially the booking engine seemed overwhelming, as with anything new, but with the hands on training and support, it is every simple. The affiliate staff is very professional and helpful in every way, and there are literally hundreds of groups that you can book your clients into that allows for them to participate in the offered amenities. You receive updates and info on a daily basis with all of the promotions available for all cruise lines. You are given an affiliate manual, which is your bible, and if you follow it, you will have a great experience. It is a great company to work with and they value their independent agents. More importantly, it is an ethical company, and I am proud to say I am an affiliate!

- Marilyn Keemer, Affiliate Agent since 2009

I have been a home based affiliate with Cruise.com since 2001 and in the travel industry since 1970. Cruise.com is a professional and highly ethical company and I am extremely happy to be affiliated with them.

- Pat Fairweather, Affiliate Agent since 2001

I extremely enjoy working as an affiliate for Cruise.com for many reasons (since 2004!). First and foremost the support staff and structure of the company is great, which are key ingredients for a successful business and Cruise.com's Affiliate Dept is top class. Cruise.com gives me an the best opportunity to be successful as the booking fees and the annual membership cost are very reasonable and 100% of the commission is mine. I've checked other companies and nothing else compares.

- Eric Gast, Affiliate Agent since 2004

I became an affiliate of Cruise.com in 2002 and have never looked back. Having researched all the major host agencies out there, I decided that keeping 100% of my commission less a $25 booking fee would be the way to go. I knew I was getting the benefit of top level commissions and perks for my clients on the hundreds of groups that Cruise.com had booked. What I didn't know was that I was also getting a team of people that are there to help solve problems and provide support when I need it. I have always been paid on schedule and would highly recommend Cruise.com to anyone looking for a host agency!

- Mitchell Bank, Affiliate Agent since 2002