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Dining Onboard MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises offers a wide selection of dining options from a simple cafe to the most exquisite multi-course meals you'll ever lay eyes on. These stunning ships serve up more than just vistas with several industry-leading specialty restaurants that build on a huge base of fans with each meal served. Even with these desirable offerings, MSC manages to please everyone aboard, including the kids. For those lucky enough to sneak away to a night alone in one of the premium restaurants, you're in for the culinary experience of a lifetime.

If you're looking to stay within the confines of your luxury stateroom, MSC offers 24/7 in-room dining to provide you with what you want when you want it. Feel free to pre-order your meals if you have a specific time in mind. You truly can enjoy your vacation on your terms.

Buffet Restaurants

With a full 13 different sections to taste and explore, the buffets on an MSC cruise are extensive, to say the least. A wide variety of food from around the world will make all guests feel at home as you take in the beautiful surroundings at (or en route to) your favorite destination. An ethnic corner of the buffet takes you deeper into specialty cuisines from far-flung corners of the globe. Buffet beverage stations serve up hot and cold drinks around the clock.

Sports Bar

The comfort of your favorite sports bar with the most amazing pub delights for your enjoyment. Try the finger foods, chips and burgers and you'll be transported to your home turf as you watch your favorite teams battle it out on the large televisions. Beers from around the world are served up by bartenders that know the ropes. When you're ready, hit the games for console action, mini bowling and more. The sports bar is truly your home (bar) away from home.

Caffe Italia

A family heritage of inspired and flavorful coffee and chocolate is continued with a partnership at Caffè Italia. Whether you seek a frothy cappuccino, full - bodied espresso, specialty coffees or something decadently chocolate, this is your place.

The One Pool Sundeck:

Yacht Club guests will enjoy the leisurely pace, gorgeous views and yummy pool snacks served up on their exclusive sundeck. From salads to sweet treats and beverages you can find your perfect taste temptation here whether on a plate or in a glass.

Main Restaurants

Take advantage of the My Choice dining option and eat on your own schedule in the main restaurants or enjoy either of two pre set times, early or late. Enjoy signature dishes with a Mediterranean flair cooked up by expert chefs with your tastes and allergies in mind, of course. Fresh dishes are always available and if you have special dietary requirements such as kosher, vegetarian or others let the cruise line know in advance so they may work to accommodate you. For those travelers booked on an excursion, express lunches allow you to grab a prepared meal to take along on your journey.

MSC Yacht Club

An 'exclusive haven of peace and luxury' the MSC Yacht Club delivers all-inclusive gourmet dining in the most luxurious of surroundings. Dine as you like on dishes you'll love in on-demand sophistication and let your private staff cater to your culinary desires.

Tex-Mex and Steakhouse

Enjoy Texas flair with the flavors of Mexico in the Tex-Mex and Steakhouse, a favorite MSC Cruise Line destination. Start with an ice cold beer or a cocktail and explorer the adventurous tapas menu. Authentic Mexican favorites and prime Angus beef cuts will please even the most discerning Tex-Mex fan.


At Eataly, you don't just enjoy fine Italian dining. You explore and learn about cuisine as you select from 3 restaurants within one. Here you'll find one of the most enjoyable menus at sea. As you wander these extensive ships you may overhear conversations with mentions of Eataly as it's an experience that sticks with you. Fresh pizza is available, customized to your tastes with the most amazing ingredients available. Also, Eataly has an Italian steakhouse with Piedmont and Angus beef selections. Take a culinary journey to Italy and you'll never forget your time in Eataly.

Galaxy Disco Restaurant

The Galaxy Disco Restaurant serves up delicious dishes with a panoramic view. This fun restaurant is decked out in vibrant decor and the ambiance is a mix of club and food. Enjoy live music and choose from a varied menu as you sip on delicious cocktails and bask in the views of your favorite destination.

Kaito Sushi Bar

Enjoy the best sushi at sea at the Kaito Sushi Bar. The authentic flavors of Japan surface in sushi, sashimi, maki and tempura dishes any fan of Asian food will surely enjoy. Plum wine, sake and tea are available to further authenticate the experience as you enjoy these far-east favorites. Ala carte dining and tasting menus are available at the Kaito Sushi Bar.

Asian Fusion Restaurant

The culinary flavors of China, Japan and Thailand race to your palate in the Asian Fusion Restaurant. A wide-ranging selection of drinks from around the globe is partnered with delicate dishes prepared by experienced chefs with a love for these cuisines.

Silver Service Restaurant

The Silver Service Restaurant — a private gourmet venue — is an exclusive dining experience for Yacht Club guests. With breathtaking panoramic views the mood is set to enjoy exceptional Mediterranean specialties, exclusive delicacies, fine cheeses, healthy options, sommelier guidance for the perfect pairing, spectacular desserts and more.

Top Sail Lounge

Elegant, comfortable and with a panoramic view making you feel as if you're on top of the world, this lounge is a perfect spot to relax and reflect on your day. Top Sail Lounge serves up gourmet delicacies from Italy and beyond, light bites, beverages and cocktails. As a Yacht Club guest this is the spot to unwind while reveling in a bird's eye view and sipping your favorite wine while nibbling on delicious fare.

Room Service

Whether you're looking for a simple snack or a full meal, room service is ready and waiting for your order. Appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, full meals, desserts or breakfast in bed it's all just a simple phone call away for the duration of your MSC cruise vacation. For those moments when only a hot fresh pizza will suffice, simply place an order for your favorite pie and within 20 minutes it's at your door. Libations such as those delicious frozen specialty drinks, hot beverages, soft drinks, beers, wines and more are also available.*

*Additional fee applies.

All menus and dining times are subject to change without notice. Some venues are only available on select ships.

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