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Corporate Meetings, Incentives and Charter Group Cruises

Taking your corporate event to sea offers a host of benefits. For the meeting planner cruises are easier to plan than a land vacation as virtually everything is included which makes a budget go further. Group attendees also enjoy the cruise experience which can be a great motivator for incentive programs. Corporate groups at sea can range from entire ship charters to smaller incentive groups. The variety of cruises to choose from is also endless from short 3 night cruises to cruises of 7 night and longer in a variety of destinations.

Corporate groups come in many varieties:

  • Sales Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Team Building
  • Incentive Groups
  • Executive Retreats
  • Client Appreciation Cruises
  • Networking Events
  • Continuing Educational Programs

As any meeting planner knows a lot is involved with putting together and executing a successful corporate event. Many things have to be considered including the budget, ease of planning, convenience, schedules, the audience and the overall objectives. A meeting at sea is an ideal solution for all of those objectives.

Top 10 Reasons to Organize a Group at Sea

  • Easy to organize
  • Exceptional value
  • Easy to budget
  • A variety of cruises to choose from
  • One cruise can visit many destinations
  • High quality complimentary entertainment
  • Exceptional dining in a variety of venues
  • A variety of accommodations are available
  • Included state of the art audio visual equipment in a variety of conference rooms
  • Special events and activities can be created that are great for team building
  • Unique land excursions can be arranged in some or all destinations

Exceptional Value

A meeting at sea offers exceptional value especially compared to a land based program. On average, a cruise program can save you approximately 30% versus a land based program due to the all-inclusive nature of cruising. When booking a land program there are many extra charges which add up and dig into your budget. On a cruise the vast majority of all costs are included in the cost of the cruise.

Cruise versus Land Comparison

  • Accommodations
  • Complimentary Meals
  • Complimentary Snacks
  • Complimentary Meeting Rooms
  • Complimentary Audio Visual Equipment
  • Onboard Group Coordinator
  • Complimentary Cocktail Parties
  • Complimentary Award Winning Entertainment
  • Transportation between events and destinations
  • Complimentary Room Service
  • Casino Entertainment
  • Gratuities can be prepaid at one fixed price


Booking a meeting at sea is also much easier than booking a land program. Based upon the size of the group, the type of group, and the needs of the group we can help you determine which ship and itinerary would be best. Group contracts range by cruise line from smaller corporate meetings and incentives to full ship charters. When putting together a corporate group cruise you will want to consider:

  • Number of guests
  • Types of accommodations
  • Required number & types of meeting venues
  • Preferred dining arrangements
  • Onboard group activities
  • Custom shore excursions
  • Pre and post cruise options
  • Air Arrangements
  • Airport Transfers

Once the requirements are determined we will work with you step by step to negotiate the cruise, coordinate all of the arrangements and make sure that your meeting at sea is the best it can be.

Creating Unique and Memorable Events

Bringing your group onboard will create a great event. In addition to luxurious accommodations, fine dining, incredible destinations and great meeting venues you will also be able to offer truly unique events. The options are as unlimited as your creativity and budget.

Here are just a few ways that you can customize your group events at sea:

  • Pre-Cruise Hotel Package with a Bon-Voyage Champagne Reception
  • Private Sail Away Party
  • Meet and Greet Hospitality Desk
  • Welcome letter delivered to each stateroom
  • Personalized gifts delivered to the guests staterooms
  • Amenities that can be delivered to each stateroom
  • Custom group photos
  • Private onboard activities
  • VIP Tours to exclusive events and locations
  • Team Building Events
  • Pre-purchased spa and beverage packages

Full Ship Charter Groups

Groups that are large enough to fill a ship may want to consider a full ship charter. Keeping in mind that ships come in a variety of sizes ranging from just 110 guests to over 5,000 guests. Depending on your group's size, preferred destination and budget chartering a ship may be the ideal option for your group. With a full chip charter your group has complete access to all of the onboard facilities and you can customize many of the onboard experiences for a truly unique event.

Let our group experts help to make your corporate event successful, easy and convenient, cost effective, and most importantly memorable to all who attend. From the great itineraries, to the great dining options, the activities and, don’t forget, the extraordinary views a meeting at sea is the ultimate corporate getaway!

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