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Accessible Cruises on Amawaterways

Amawaterways Cruises for Guests with Special Needs

AmaWaterways itineraries are varied and active vacations – if desired. While cruising days provide ample opportunity to relax on board, their included shore excursion program does require a moderate amount of walking. European streets, sites and attractions often require walking along uneven cobblestone and climbing stairways. In addition to their regular walking tours, guests who prefer a more relaxed, gentle walking pace, can take advantage of the "gentle walkers" group wherever possible.

Facilities for Special Needs Handicapped facilities on board are limited. River cruise vessels are not equipped with wheelchair ramps, and hallways and doors may not be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs or scooters. Most (but not all) AmaWaterways ships are equipped with an elevator but it does not access all decks. The AmaDara and the AmaLotus in Cambodia and Vietnam and Zambezi Queen in Africa do not feature elevators. Additionally, motor coaches and minibuses used for transfers and shore excursions may not be equipped with wheelchair ramps, or specialized access. Please advise AmaWaterways of any special needs or other conditions at the time of booking.

Facilities and services for passengers with disabilities may vary by destination, and in some cases, are limited or non-existent. Cruise passengers requiring special assistance must be accompanied by a person who is responsible for and physically able to provide such assistance. Transfers and shore excursions adhere to a predetermined timetable and participants in these activities should have no physical impairments that would affect the time schedules or interfere with the rights of other passengers on vacation. Without limitation, AmaWaterways and its affiliates are not responsible for any denial of services by airline carriers, cruise vessels, hotels, lodges, coaches, local guides or operators or other independent suppliers.

Accommodations for guests with special needs can vary by cruise line and by ship and changes can be made at any time without notice. It is important that you advise your agent at the time of booking about any disabilities or special requirements that you may have so that your needs can be assessed accordingly.

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