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Accessible Cruises on Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruises for Guests with Special Needs

Carnival ships provide a quality of service and a variety of accessible features to make your voyage a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Carnival has made substantial modifications to enhance your ability to move about their ships. All ships feature Accessible Elevators at each elevator bank with tactile controls within reach of guests who use wheelchairs as well as audible signals for guest who are blind or with low vision.

Carnival Cruise ships have two classifications of staterooms specially-designed staterooms for guests using wheelchairs, modified cabins and accessible cabins. Modified cabins are designed for guests who may utilize a wheelchair or similar assistance device (e.g. for distance) and include features such as grab bars and shower seats in the bathrooms. Accessible cabins are designed for guests with highly limited or no mobility who utilize wheelchairs or other similar assistive devices (and include features such as turning space; accessible routes throughout the cabin; and accessible bathrooms).

Accessible staterooms are reserved for guests that have a mobility disability or disability that requires the use of the accessible features that are provided in the stateroom. Guess are required to acknowledge the need for the accessible stateroom by completing a Special Requirements Form. This form will be sent to you once the reservation has been secured and you have notified Carnival Cruise Lines that you or the person you are securing the stateroom for, requires the stateroom. If an accessible stateroom is booked by a guest who does not need the accessibility features in the stateroom, they may be moved at any time to another non-accessible stateroom in order to accommodate a guest with a disability. As with all Carnival reservations, staterooms within each category are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, it is advisable to reserve an accessible or modified stateroom in advance.

Standard Cabins: These cabins have an entry doorway measuring approximately 22", an 8" lip into the cabin bathroom, a 4" lip into the shower stall and a 7" lip to the balcony (if applicable).

Mobility Scooters: Passenger scooters must be stored and batteries recharged in your stateroom. Due to safety considerations, wheelchairs and scooters cannot be stored in the corridors. Your personal scooter should be able to fit in a standard stateroom with a 21" entry doorway. If your scooter is larger than 21", you must purchase a modified stateroom or rent a smaller scooter. Segways and other similar vehicles are not permitted onboard any Carnival ships.

If wheelchair assistance is required for embarking and debarking the vessel, Carnival Cruise Lines has a limited supply of wheelchairs available for this purpose & guests are served on a first-come/first-serve basis. In order to accommodate these requests, they are reserved for embarkation and debarkation at the pier facility only. Carnival Cruise Lines does not offer curbside assistance for embarking and debarking the ship.

For additional details on prearranged mobility equipment rentals, please contact:


  • Phone: 888-494-7303

Braille signage is available onboard Carnival ships, indicating cabin numbers and public rooms names. The only Braille format documents available are the in-cabin directories and room service menus.

Large print format is available for the dining room menus, Carnival Fun Times, and shore excursion information. An audible format of the Carnival Fun Times can also be provided. Please contact Guest Services once onboard should you require any of these items.

A portable room kit is available if requested prior to sailing. It includes a visual-tactile alert system that provides alerts for the door knocking, telephone ringing, alarm clock and smoke detector. A TTY (teletypewriter) is also available which interfaces with the Information Desk which available 24 hours a day to meet your stateroom needs. Written documents are available for the emergency lifeboat drill, onboard.

If you are traveling with injectable medication(s) and need a container for disposal, please contact the Medical Center or Housekeeping staff onboard. Some ships have staterooms which are equipped with mini-bars designed to maintain the temperature of beverages. Please do not use it to store medications that have specific temperature requirements. Portable medi-coolers are available on a first come first serve basis. If a cooler is not available, our Medical Center onboard can assist you with refrigeration. Or you may bring your own cooler for this purpose.

Hemodialysis is not available on board ship. Guests requiring hemodialysis are responsible for pre-arranging their dialysis in ports of call. Factors such as inclement weather may prevent the ship from calling on the port where the dialysis is scheduled. Guests requiring peritoneal dialysis are responsible for bringing the necessary supplies to perform the self-dialysis in their cabin. Peritoneal dialysis supplies are not typically available from the ship's medical center.

If you have arranged to have your dialysis solutions delivered, please contact Carnival at with your vendor information. If you need to travel with your own medical equipment, medications, or supplies, it is important that you hand carry. Please do not pack these items with your checked luggage. If you need assistance with boarding your supplies, please see a Carnival Cruise Lines representative once inside the embarkation lobby.

Guest using Oxygen or other breathing apparatus are responsible for traveling with their own supply of Oxygen and medications. Guests need to bring enough Oxygen to last the duration of the cruise; oxygen supply onboard the vessels are for emergency use only. If you choose to hand carry your oxygen, packing oxygen cylinders and/or tanks in your luggage is strictly prohibited, as is putting them through security x-ray machines. Please hand-carry your oxygen machines (BiPAP, CPAP, Concentrator, Nebulizer, etc.) and do not place them in your checked luggage.

The Medical Center is equipped with oxygen for emergency use ONLY. If you require the use of oxygen during your cruise, you must arrange for an adequate supply to be delivered to the ship on your sailing date. (Likewise, all guests undergoing CAPD (Peritoneal Dialysis) must arrange for the delivery of solutions and supplies.) Please contact Guest Services once onboard for proper storage of your oxygen. All guests are responsible for the pickup and delivery of their oxygen. Please have your medical supply company contact us, otherwise port clearance may not be granted.

It would be most helpful for you to carry with you a copy of your medical records (e.g., a list of your medical conditions, allergies, names and dosages of your medication, a copy of your EKG If applicable and the name and contact information of your physician).

Carnival Cruise Lines only permits service/working dogs onboard, a working/service dog is legally defined and is trained to meet the disability related need. We do not allow guests to sail with therapy/companion dogs or service dogs in training.

Service dogs must have current vaccinations. These vaccinations are in addition to what governing port officials require. Please know that many of the ports you may visit will only accept annual rabies vaccinations. The three-year rabies vaccination is not recognized in many countries. It is the guest’s responsibility to contact the Department of Agriculture or your Service Dogs Veterinarian to obtain information on the requirements at each port. The failure to have the required vaccinations or documentation may result in your service animal not be able to disembark or quarantine.

If you choose to disembark the ship in a visiting port of call, in which your service dog does not have the required documents, or you choose to leave your service dog onboard. You must make arrangements for the care of your dog. Our ships staff cannot care for the dog, nor can the dog be left in the stateroom unattended.

Please carry the original records of vaccinations and any permits required for visiting ports of call with you while traveling. A copy of these permits must be left with our Guest Services desk upon boarding.

Accommodations for guests with special needs can vary by cruise line and by ship and changes can be made at any time without notice. It is important that you advise your agent at the time of booking about any disabilities or special requirements that you may have so that your needs can be assessed accordingly.

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