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Accessible Cruises on Seabourn Cruises

Seabourn Cruises for Guests with Special Needs

Seabourn is committed to providing safe, easy, and accessible accommodations for all persons with disabilities, to the extent that is feasible. In order to ensure that all of your needs are met it is important that you advise you agent of any special needs that you may have prior to booking your cruise.

Guests who are unable to care for their basic needs (e.g. dressing, eating, and attending safety drills) MUST have a capable traveling companion. The medical staff on board is not available for daily care unless an individual is hospitalized in the ship's Medical Center. In limited situations (either on board or ashore), Seabourn may find it necessary to ask the individual to make alternative travel arrangements, such as if an individual with a disability is unable to satisfy certain specified safety and other criteria, even when provided with appropriate auxiliary aids and services.

For the safety of all our guests and crew and to enhance accessibility, Seabourn strongly recommends that all personal electric mobility equipment meets the following criteria:

  • Width: 23" maximum in order to be accommodated in a standard suite, unless collapsible to a width of 23" or less
  • Weight: 100 lbs. maximum without battery
  • Batteries: Must be Gel or Dry Cell or AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) only

It is recognized that for some people, a larger scooter may be essential. If you believe you need a larger scooter, please contact Seabourn in advance to discuss your specific requirements.

For the safety of all guests and crew:

  • Scooters and other mobility equipment need to be securely stored and charged in the guest's suite; not in hallways or elevator lobbies.
  • Scooters left in hallways and elevator lobbies could restrict people needing to travel through these areas in an emergency, particularly other guests using mobility aids, since they would have no way of getting by a scooter left in a hallway.

Seabourn is not able to provide complimentary wheelchair assistance for any purpose other than embarkation, disembarkation, and emergency situations. Seabourn wheelchairs are only for use in emergency situations and are not available for shore excursions or for use on board. If you will require regular use of a wheelchair, we recommend that you bring your own wheelchair with you. You may also make advance rental arrangements prior to your sailing and have a wheelchair delivered directly to the ship for use on board and in ports of call.

Here are two companies that can arrange for the delivery of mobility devices:

Phone: 888-494-7303

Please be advised that all pre-arranged mobility equipment rentals must be made by the guest and the third party provider. Consequently, you assume the entire risk of utilizing these third party services subject only to whatever terms or arrangements are made by you or on your behalf with the service provider. Refund issues must be dealt with solely between you and the service provider. We recommend contacting one of these companies to confirm your arrangements as soon as possible in order to ensure the availability of your specific requests.

Seabourn vessels have specially designed suites for guests who need mobility assistance. The Quest, Sojourn and Odyssey offer Wheelchair Accessible Suites with features such as wider entry doors, roll-in showers with grab bars, benches/seats, and hand-held shower nozzles, as well as lowered closet and towel rods. Wheelchair accessible suite entry doors measure a minimum of 32 inches wide. Accessible suite locations are noted on the Deck Plans for each ship.

If you have booked a non-accessible suite, you should know that most suite entry doors measure 23 inches wide and must understand that there are some limitations that adversely impact maneuverability, especially ingress and egress into bathrooms as bathroom dimensions, doorsills, and the height of bathtubs in standard suites are often difficult to negotiate for guests who have limited mobility. Additionally, standard suite doors and hallways may be too narrow for a wheelchair or scooter to maneuver into and out of the suite.

Note: For safety reasons, these mobility devices must be stored and charged in the guests' suites.

For individuals with limited mobility, the use of a wheelchair will be the primary mobility assistance aid for getting on and off the ship. Certain ship transfer operations (i.e. during tendering and at the gangways) may not be fully accessible to wheelchairs or scooters. When a ship is unable to dock, guests are taken ashore on smaller boats called tenders. Some guests with limited mobility may find it difficult to embark or disembark the ship at certain times while tendering or while docked due to steep gangways and steps, particularly during low or high tide. Also, please note that scooters and wheelchairs which are more than 100 lbs. without the battery are not allowed to be transferred from the ship to tender and/or from tender to shore.

As to tenders, please be advised that adverse weather conditions such as wind, swells, or extreme tide levels may prohibit the ability to provide assistance between the ship and tender to guests with limited mobility. Additionally, some port facilities may not provide accessible transitions between the tender and shore side landing. Situations may occur in which guests with limited mobility may not be able to go ashore at the time they desire or are unable to go ashore at all in certain ports. For the safety of all concerned, the Captain shall make the final determination regarding whether or not it is advisable to provide assistance to guests with mobility impairments, or to carry their mobility assistance device (wheelchair, scooter, walker, etc.), taking into account all appropriate matters including, but not limited to, weather conditions, ship's location, weight of the guest or their mobility device, etc.

Because facilities in ports around the world vary significantly, wheelchair accommodations may not be available for some land tours and/or shore excursions. Furthermore, many transportation vehicles around the world do not have wheelchair lifts. Thus, it may be necessary for Seabourn to make alternate transportation arrangements such as a sedan vehicle. This requires that a guest who uses a wheelchair be able to transfer from his/her wheelchair to the front or back seat of a sedan. Due to the limited number of lift-equipped vehicles in foreign locations, guests may incur additional costs for transportation related to airport transfers, shore excursions, and tour/hotel packages. Please note, lift equipped transportation within the United States may be arranged without additional costs. Please advise us as soon as possible if alternative transportation arrangements may be necessary so that the availability and associated costs can be determined.

Guests should be aware that certain third party shore excursion facilities may not be fully accessible to guests with disabilities. Please inquire about the accessibility of specific excursions in advance.

Seabourn only permits service animals on board, defined as those animals that are individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. Guests are not permitted to bring pets, therapy/companion animals, and other animals that do not meet the definition of service animals.

Some ports of call may have very specific and strict requirements that need to be met prior to your service animal being allowed off of the ship. It is your responsibility to understand the requirements for a service animal to disembark in each port of call. The best places to obtain specific information on required documentation and immunizations for your service animal are the U.S. Department of Agriculture's website, local customs offices in the specific ports, and from your service animal's veterinarian. All documentation and immunization requirements are established by government authorities and not by Seabourn.

To board the ship, your service animal must have current vaccinations. Records confirming the vaccination status should be provided to Seabourn prior to your departure. You are also recommended to carry the immunization records with you in case they are required at any port of call. If you do not have the proper documentation and proof of vaccinations for your service animal required at a port of call, or if there are local quarantine requirements, your service animal will be denied the right to leave the ship. If your service animal is denied the right to leave the ship in a specific port of call, the staff and crew will work with you to determine what actions may be possible to allow you to visit the port without your service animal. Please note that in your absence, you will need to provide for the care and supervision of your service animal. Except in those circumstances where your service animal has been denied disembarkation, you may not leave your service animal unattended on the vessel or in your suite at any time.

To help maximize the cruise experience for guests who are blind or have low vision, Seabourn has made the following items available:

  • Downloadable daily activities, news, and menus for guests with laptops with screen reader programs.
  • With 45 days notice, large print or Braille menus describing the inspired cuisine offered across a myriad of venues, from the elegant Dining Room to the casual dining options.
  • A familiarization tour of the vessel upon arrival.

Guests requiring continuous or intermittent oxygen for chronic conditions must make their own arrangements prior to travel. Seabourn ships are not equipped to provide guests with these services other than on an emergency basis in the Ship's Medical Center.

For security and safety reasons, Seabourn has selected CareVacations and Special Needs at Sea as the only outside vendors that are permitted to deliver oxygen supplies to their ships:

Phone: 877-478-7827
Fax: 800-648-1116

Special Needs at Sea
Phone: 800-513-4515
Fax: 800-513-4516

Note: Oxygen and/or oxygen equipment deliveries will not be accepted from any other companies.

Please be advised that all oxygen and oxygen equipment rental arrangements must be made by the guest and the third party provider. Consequently, you assume the entire risk of utilizing these third party services subject only to whatever terms or arrangements are made by you or on your behalf with the service provider. Refund issues must be dealt with solely between you and the service provider. We recommend contacting one of these companies to confirm your arrangements as soon as possible in order to ensure the availability of your specific requests.

You are also welcome, however, to bring your own oxygen and/or oxygen equipment from your home. Please note that the staff and crew are not permitted to handle your oxygen and/or oxygen equipment during the embarkation and disembarkation process. Thus, you must be able to handle your supplies if you bring your own. Please contact Seabourn in advance if you will require oxygen while on your cruise.

Please Note: In accordance with FAA regulations, airlines have restrictions concerning traveling with oxygen and oxygen containers. It is the traveler’s responsibility to be familiar with and comply with the regulations of the airline they are traveling on.

Accommodations for guests with special needs can vary by cruise line and by ship and changes can be made at any time without notice. It is important that you advise your agent at the time of booking about any disabilities or special requirements that you may have so that your needs can be assessed accordingly.

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