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Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad Expedition Cruises

About Lindblad Expeditions

Explore incredible wonders of our world with the experts at Lindblad Expeditions. Sailing, for 50+ years, with guests who share their love of discovery, their passion is evident through curated itineraries, thrilling activities, incredible flavors, unique sounds and technologically innovative ways to experience it all. Lindblad was the first to escort private citizens to Antarctica and Galapagos in the 1960s. Sail on the world’s most advanced fleet of expedition ships, dedicated to environmental stewardship and providing opportunities to travel side by side with experts in various fields and an expedition team across seven continents to ensure a memorable and meaningful voyage.

Lindblad Expeditions has a decades’ long, rich partnership with National Geographic. State-of-the-art expedition tools are available enhancing the entire journey. Kayak, paddleboard, dive or snorkel in crystalline waters witnessing the kaleidoscopic myriad of life both surrounding and beneath the surface. Traverse ice flows, lochs, canals and jungle waterways to enjoy close-up views of whale pods, seals and sea lions or step off onto secluded shorelines from your seat on Zodiac boats. Enjoy additional views of the beauty below the waves through bow cams and video microscopes. On select ships ROVs deploy into the depths shooting video which provides a fascinating evening of viewing and discussing with the ship’s naturalist staff. Have you ever heard the song of whales? Hydrophones lowered into the sea may provide this rare opportunity in select destinations. Glass bottom boats allow you to accompany a naturalist and learn about various species of coral, turtles, fish and mammals.

Those committed to their overall wellbeing will appreciate the various wellness spaces including massage and other treatment rooms, fitness centers and more. Indulge in sunrise yoga, deep-tissue massages, facials all utilizing natural ingredients from the surrounding area. Tap your toes and learn more about the cultures along your itinerary. On select voyages dance to Caribbean and South American rhythms, close your eyes and listen to the echoing songs of a choir set amidst ruins, all thanks to the coordination of an ethnomusicologist. On select National Geographic ships admire, the first-ever, visual and auditory ship-based exhibitions.

Enjoy the luxury of extreme comfort on ships designed by those who use them and know the specific regions best - captains, expedition leaders, divemasters, chefs, naturalists, scientists and others. All of the ships sailing with Lindblad’s fleet are intimately sized, purpose-built and outfitted to augment the guest experience in each diverse region in safety, convenience, contentment and wonder. Ship styles range from nostalgic opulent masted sailing vessels to those with the highest ice-class ratings. Rich woods, well-appointed accommodations with organic amenities and breathtaking views, sumptuous bedding, inviting and airy spaces, modern and innovative conveniences such as free Wi-Fi, open bridge, some of the ships boast a 1:1 crew to guest ratio for exceptional service and dedicated science hub. Relish a casual dress code, as you’ll find a relaxed onboard ambiance. Dine indoors or al fresco on many ships. (Not all amenities found on all ships)

Treat your palate to a wonderful expedition of its own. Innovative menus crafted by executive chefs featuring sustainable locally-grown products, regional wines and classic and specialty dishes further immerse you in the flavors of destinations. Some itineraries even feature farm-to-table programs. This dining excellence is made possible through Lindblad’s closeknit relationships with and dedication to supporting local farmers, vintners and other providers.

Join Lindblad Expeditions cruises to visit some of the world's most captivating destinations and to truly see the world through a different lens while broadening your commitment to conservation.

Featured Lindblad Expedition Cruises

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National Geographic Sea Lion

Fr. $3,925

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National Geographic Venture

Fr. $5,675

Panama Canal

7 Days

National Geographic Quest

Fr. $6,480

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13 Days

National Geographic Quest

Fr. $10,365

Lindblad Expeditions Highlights

Experienced Expedition Team

Lindblad’s Expedition Teams are the most experienced in expedition cruising. Their world-class experts share your passion for true discoveries throughout your itinerary. Comprised of naturalists, marine biologists, cultural experts, historians and photographers, among others, they have spent extensive time deeply involved in the specific destinations you’ll visit. Both onboard and ashore their invaluable knowledge, insights and experiences combined with their love of sharing the wonders of the world around us will enthrall, entertain and expand the horizons of inquisitive guests. You will absolutely see the wildlife, natural wonders, and people through a new and focused perspective.

Onboard Activities

Intricately curated and captivating onboard activities include immersive musical experiences relative to your specific journey. Local musicians, singers and dancers provide traditional performances enhancing your cultural insight. Regional artwork and décor on each ship are lovely to look at and add additional background to the journey. Various wellness spaces provide optimal services, treatments and opportunities – incorporating natural ingredients from the region, for each individual guest to delve into their overall health and fitness. Whether you opt for sunrise yoga, a massage or high-energy workout you’ll enjoy the breathtaking views surrounding you. The Guest Speakers Program features literary, photography, political and science experts among others, for captivating conversations and insights in a host of relevant subjects related to your specific cruise. You’ll discover new and ongoing research projects undertaken by the Visiting Scientist Program onboard as you travel with researchers in various fields and enjoy opportunities to participate alongside them.

National Geographic

A decades long partnership with National Geographic enables a unique enhancement to worldwide exploration and experiences. You’ve seen these stunning people, places, wildlife, flora and fauna beautifully displayed in the glossy pages of National Geographic for years. Lindblad Expeditions, in their collaboration with National Geographic, shares these types of incredible experiences with guests in real-time. Discover the deep commitment they have and join their dedication to environmental stewardship through authentic exploration. Select journeys are designated as basecamp and joined by National Geographic experts. Stories, solutions and the world’s premier photographers share their knowledge graciously so you can see the world through a new lens – sharper, multi-dimensional, physically, thoughtfully and emotionally.

Tools for Exploration

Ships purposefully equipped with state-of-the-art expedition tools make immersion into destinations fun, fascinating and fulfilling. Zodiac boats transport guests through icy waters, jungle rivers and more to see where the wildlife plays, rests and goes about their daily lives. Hear the songs of whales and see the miraculous underwater-world through their eyes with undersea bow cams, video microscopes and hydrophones. Pop up to the open bridge any time to learn about navigation and pick up a pair of binoculars to scan the horizon while you’re there with the watch officer. Some ships travel with glass-bottom boats. Depending on itinerary scuba gear for those experienced and snorkeling gear as well as custom made stand-up paddleboards make water, mangrove and pristine island exploration accessible. Kayak among breathtaking ice towers, playful sea lions, delightful dolphins and water-level caves. Your understanding of the world around us and the interrelated impacts of almost everything will be fantastically amplified by these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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